A.K.A: I-tips, Beaded, Cylinder, Micro-bead, Micro-Ring

All of Milvali Micro-Link hair extensions are ethically sourced, re-usable, made with 100% Indian Remy hair with cuticles intact and natural textures. The individual extensions are formed with a finely engineered reusable tip that will not crack or shed which sets us apart from the competition. The tip can be quickly shaped over and over for reinsertion and the hair can last up to a year with proper maintenance. Re-Usable, No Heat, No Glue, No Tight Braids, No Solvents, No Damage!

The Difference is in the Craftsmanship.

It's our tips that set us apart from the rest. Look closely- see that clear plastic shield around the tip of our micro-link extensions? That's our little secret . Not only does it prevent the extension from shedding, it makes our hair reusable over and over again without falling apart. It also makes it easy to re-tip the extensions for re-using. The tips revert right back to a cylinder when heat is applied which makes refitting them back into a new link a breeze. Also, unlike other brands, glue from the extension never touches your client's hair, which makes removal clean and with no residue.

Size Matters.

Milvali Micro-Link extensions come in 2 sizes:

Large: 25 extensions per bundle
Small: 50 extensions per bundle

Why? Equal weight distribution. Not all gals have thick hair, so we don't believe in putting a thick, heavy extension on someone who already has fine hair. It's not a one-size-fits all service.

We are all about non-damaging methods and proper installation. Some people can't handle a large extension, or have fine highlights- we believe in custom ordering for your client's personalized needs.

What You See is What You Get.

Not only is our hair ethically sourced, healthy, shiny, bouncy and could last for up to one year, we don't coat it with silicone, or process and package it in plastic. Milvali extensions are delivered to you in their natural texture. Our Curly hair is natural and never permed. All of our hair is air-dried and has natural body to it with varying degrees of wave, it is never stick straight. Pre-packaged hair looks nice, but we don't fool you into thinking you are getting something that you're not.

 We Have Options.

2 Tip Sizes -Large and Small.
 25 Colors- Plus Ombre and Blended.
2 Textures -Natural and Curly.
2 Finishes- Layered and Premium.
4 Lengths- 16" 18" 20" 22"
2 Methods- I-Tip and Tape-In 

Your reputation is only as good as your work, and the product you use directly reflects your work and end result.

3 Things We Look For:
The Hair- All of Milvali Tape-In hair extensions are made from 100% Indian Remy hair with cuticles intact.

 Available in Straight, Natural Wave and Curly that can last up to a year with proper maintenance.

 The Tabs - Our tabs are flexible but sturdy. They do not shed or peel and can be re-used over and over for reapplication.

 The Tape- The last thing you want is super sticky tape that makes removal a drag. Our tape is designed to hold without slipping or feeling squishy and removal is clean, not gummy.