Did you know that over 60% of extension classes  only teach you the basics? 

Do you feel like you're left alone trying to figure it out

 while your extension business is falling flat? 

Did you get certified but don't know​ where to start? 

 Don't worry- we got you.  Let's take the mystery out of extensions so you can have more confidence and more happy clients.

No matter where you got your extension education, we are here to help you with advice, solutions and answers to any questions.


So, you took an extension class, now what?

One on one coaching with Deb at Milvali Salon is available for stylists who have taken an extension class but need a refresher on perfecting the art. Whether you need to enhance your extension cutting skills or want to work alongside Deb with a client to perfect your application. See real-life extension scenarios in a salon environment.

$100 per hour

$50 per hour for Milvali

 former students 


with LAU​REN


Have you been doing extensions but feel you may be missing something?

One on one coaching with Lauren is available either at Milvali Salon or yours. Great for stylists who have taken an extension class but need to refresh their skills, or just

 need someone to coach them on details.

$50 per hour in-salon

$25 per hour for Milvali 

former students

$75 per hour on-site 

(in SF only)

Text or Talk

with ​EMMY


You have questions, we have answers.

Speak with or text one of our amazing extensionists to answer any extension related question. Show us your work for feedback or have us help you with a problem. We've heard and seen it all, so don't be afraid to call.

call- 415-409-1500

W H A T  O U R  C L I E N T S   A R E  S A Y I N G  . . . 

I took Milvali's extension class and was so amazed at how I was able to really transform my clients hair. They loved having extensions, but when they came in for me to take them out, I needed a little more advice on what to do because my clients hair was tangled. I called Milvali and Lauren was so patient and explained everything. I was relieved to know that it wasn't as hard or as bad as I thought.

 She talked me through it and turned out great. 

Thank you for supporting me months after I took the class!   

Ashley , Stylist- Sacramento, Ca

I called Milvali to ask questions about ordering hair...I sent them a picture of my client and Emmy was able to tell me how many extensions I needed to order and the best colors. She is so friendly and knowledgeable and made ordering hair so easy. I love Milvali!  I'm so glad to have them as my extension source!!!  

Alex, Stylist-San Francisco

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